Alright, here it is. The last entry for this year's "Some mixes I liked this year" series. Hope they've been interesting and at least decent. Though honestly, I'm just doing this more for myself but if there's any other dance heads out there, please be friends with me. I need more dancing partners.


This mix is actually 3 years old but I suck and I was only able to find out about it this year and they say it's never too late for good music, right?  Oh well, I'll never be cool as you, underground dance music scene snob. Anyways, something about the intro just pulls me in and sets me off into this fantastic voyage of future garage, UK funky or whatever genre you wanna call it. All I know is this shit is good, all the way through, even if the mixing isn't.

Apparently, Jacques Greene hails from Montreal, Canada. I swear, as more and more time passes, Canada becomes synonymous with cool and good thing(s).


So I couldn't help but still toss in some more mixes I enjoyed. Here's some extra stuff. Hopefully these will help your dance party tonight. Though things will get heavier from here on out.


Young big shot Happa steps up for Mixmag's Mix of the Week. Some big bass featured here.

Aaaand one last one!


Also just found out about J.Tijn this year and I am diggin' his techno. Can't want to see him live, which I hope is soon. This mix is chock full of bangin' sound. Party time.

Anyways, that's it. I really need to make a music blog. Also get better at writing about music. Also a ton of other things. But hope this has been an enjoyable tangent. See you next year.